5 Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

15 February 2019

1. Faulty Electrical Equipment

Ensure that all electrical equipment is checked regularly and certified as checked by safety consultants Sydney area. Faulty electrical equipment can easily ignite a spark that can quickly turn into a fire and destroy your building and endanger staff and customers.

2. Discarded Cigarettes

Cigarettes that have not been distinguished correctly can quickly start a fire. This is a very common cause of fire in both businesses and homes. Provide adequate ashtrays for smokers ideally with a cover, or filled with sand or water.

3. Overloaded Electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets should not be overloaded with too many double adapters and extension cords. Overloaded power outlets are a common cause of fire. Ensure that you have adequate electrical sockets installed in your premises by a certified electrician.

Always make sure that cords are not placed close to heating appliances or jammed in between furniture or walls so that they are pinched. If the insulated wires on electrical cords, including extension cords, become damaged, this will generate heat and create a fire hazard.

4. General Negligence

Lack of care is a common cause of fire. Ovens and cooking equipment left on, spilled drinks on electrical equipment, and improper use of equipment are common cases where fire has started and burned down a business. Have fire safety equipment such as alarms and fire extinguishers installed and checked regularly, and ensure that staff are trained in fire safety procedures.

5. Flammable and Combustible Materials

Flammable materials such as petrol, gasoline, and factory chemicals can easily start a fire if spilled or heated, or if they come into contact with a flame. Keep these properly stored and sealed. A build-up of combustibles such as paper and cardboard are another common cause of workplace fires. Ensure that excess combustibles are not kept on the premises unnecessarily.

Fires can start very easily and spread quickly. Some basic fire and safety prevention measures and training can be implemented to minimise the chance of fire in your business. For fire risk assessment NSW areas contact us.