5 Factors to Check When Inspecting Your Fire Doors

25 May 2022

Buildings that are being constructed today should comply with a set of standards and building codes so they can remain safe and stable for a long time.

One of the standards that the properties must adhere to is related to fire protection devices and materials. These devices and materials are meant to deter fire from damaging a building or structure. Without these things, an unextinguished fire can swiftly cause costly damage to the building or structure. It can even claim the lives of those who are trapped inside the affected building.

A fire protection component that a property should possess is fire doors. Fire doors are fire-resistant doors that can prevent fire and smoke from spreading. If you currently have fire doors, you must inspect them regularly. Here are some factors that you need to check when inspecting them.

  1. Certification

One of the factors that you must check when inspecting the fire doors is their certification. Fire doors must be certified to make sure that they can work whenever necessary. Certification is likewise needed as it confirms that your fire doors comply with the standards expected of them. To know if your fire doors are certified, you must look for a certification label or marking. Their label or marking would normally possess the doors’ fire rating, certification number, manufacturer details, and unique door number.

  1. Closing Action

Your fire doors may be able to deter the effects of fire, but if they cannot be closed fully, they would still allow fire elements from spreading across your property. Self-closing fire doors should be able to close fully into the frame. They must also not stick on the floor or jam on the latch. If your fire doors cannot do these actions, you may want to have them inspected and replaced right away.

  1. Sealing

Fire doors cannot perform their intended functions if they are not fitted with intumescent seals. Intumescent seals are materials that expand effectively when exposed to heat. Their expansion prevents fire and its elements from spreading for around 30 to 60 minutes. If you have confirmed that your doors do not have these sealing materials, you may want to have them fitted with intumescent seals. Leaving your doors unsealed will only allow fire and smoke from reaching other areas of your property.

  1. Physical Damages

Just like other components of your building, your fire doors are expected to be used repeatedly. Ideally, people would just open and close them gently. But in reality, they would normally slam the doors and open them with their feet, trolleys, and other heavy items. As these actions continue, your fire doors may eventually obtain damages that can affect their functions. Once you have confirmed that they have attained some serious damages, you must have them serviced immediately.

  1. Gaps

The door frame of your fire doors should have a gap of 2mm to 4mm from the door leaf. The gap between your doors and the floor, alternatively, should be less than 10mm. If your door gaps exceed these preferred values, they must be reinstalled by professionals.

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