5 Tips to Reduce the Risks of Fire in the Workplace

03 December 2018

Fire in the workplace can have a catastrophic effect on safety, your business, and its assets. Having preventative procedures in place will minimise the risks of fire in the workplace. Here are 5 tips to reduce risks:

1. Implement a Fire Safety Program

Implementing a fire safety program is important to minimise risks.

The fire safety program must include preparation, prevention, and recognition of fire hazards.It needs to contain a system for maintaining your fire protection equipment such as alarms, fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers regularly. Have your fire safety program available in written form and ensure that all staff are familiar with it.

It is recommended that your business have an OH&S representative, who will be responsible for fire safety and other aspects of workplace health and safety for both staff and customers.

With a firm and detailed procedure in place, and knowledgeable staff, the likelihood of a fire in the workplace is lessened.

Fire Safety and Compliance Fire Safety Consultants Sydney can help you to implement a sound and easy to follow fire safety program.

2. Provide Clear Access to Fire Protection Equipment

To meet Fire Safety Compliance NSW Regulations there must always be clear access to fire sprinklers, fire-fighting equipment and emergency exits. In the case of emergency these items will quickly stop a fire in its tracks, and staff can exit the building safely.

Even if space is at a premium, items must be stored in such a way that there is ready access to fire protection equipment. It is paramount to safety and fire prevention.

3. Maintain Free Access to All Electrical Control Panels

Many fires are caused by electrical faults. For this reason, all electrical control panels must have easy access. If an electrical fault occurs, or if an electrical fire starts, the control panel must be accessed quickly to cut off electricity to the relevant item.

4. Maintain Machinery to Prevent Overheating

Machinery that is not regularly or properly maintained can become overheated and ignite. Serviced machinery will operate smoothly, be more efficient and will not be a fire safety hazard to your business.

5. Maintain Building Security

Arson is a major cause of fire in workplaces. Maintaining building security through a security patrol, security cameras, and/or alarms will make it harder for would-be offenders to set fire to your building.

If you follow the above 5 tips you will greatly reduce the risk of fire in the workplace. For fire risk assessment NSW areas it is recommended to seek the advice of professional fire safety consultants.