Assessing Your Company’s Fire Safety Compliance: Questions Every Business Owner Should Answer

21 February 2020

Fire safety compliance is a necessary requirement for every residential and commercial property. This is to ensure that all residents and building occupants will be spared from any fire-related risks and damages. A fire can cause serious damage to your company’s facility and equipment, not to mention employees. Below are questions every business owner should answer in better assessing their company’s fire safety compliance.  You have to make sure you have these five ‘checks’ taken care of within the boundaries of your office and facilities.

Are your fire hazard risks assessed properly?

While some businesses have greater fire risks than others, there are very few businesses that have none. They all need to be properly assessed so the proper prevention can be implemented accordingly. Some local governments offer fire marshal visits, or workplace fire risk assessment guidance from your building’s property manager.  A commercial fire safety firm can also help you mitigate problems.

Do you have emergency plans in place?

Do you have an evacuation plan and do your employees know what to do in case of a fire? Do they fire training, so that they know how to use fire extinguishers, and when to use them?

Do you have the right fire protection equipment installed?

Your fire safety equipment needs likely include sprinkler systems, but you might need more to be up to code or compliant with regulations. Industries dealing with machinery that overheats or flammable substances might need a suppression system tailored to your business.

Do you have scheduled routine equipment inspections?

Even if you have the right sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and suppression systems, they also need routine inspections (at least annually) to keep everything in working order. Know what tests you can do yourself, and which require professional visits from fire alarm technicians.

Do you have a fire suppression system?

An activated fire suppression system can work quickly and effectively if used properly. They can be deployed with amazing speed, and for a building of enormous size and calibre, these systems could save countless employee lives and millions in property damage. The suppression systems can be designed for specific type of fires depending on your needs and preferences.

In order to fully assess your company’s fire safety compliance, consult Key Compliance. We will ensure that your commercial property is completely compliant with all New South Wales fire safety regulations. Also, if any repairs or replacements are needed for your fire safety equipment, our fine team will recommend expert repair and maintenance companies to handle these improvements. Our objective is to conduct fire safety inspections and to work with owners and managers to mitigate the fire risk in achieving and maintaining essential services compliance.