Avoid the Following Fines and Legal Penalties for Non-Adherence to Fire Safety Standards and Protocols

16 December 2021

In the year 2000, the NSW State Government introduced a stringent punishment framework to help the neighbourhood Council in enforcing compliance with current fire safety regulations. Because of Amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, building proprietors who are late (even one day) in submitting their Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) may get a $500 fine in the first week after the Statement is submitted.

What Happens If You Still Fail to Comply?

If this continues to happen, the fine logically increases in increments of $500 every week consistently from there onwards. It even reaches up to a limit of $2000. Sounds pretty forceful, yes? Fire safety consultants inspect and guarantee your commercial building will not be the cost of your first day fine. Imagine if this continued for weeks? If you are running late, you can show that you have a temporary maintenance worker doing tasks such as maintenance, repairs or overhauls, you can approach the committee for an augmentation.

We proposed that the plans for maintenance checks of existing fire safety estimates be initiated roughly three months before the deadline, for when the Annual Fire Safety Statement is submitted. (So they give us a three months window to take care of the work, do fixes and get paid so the AFSS can be delivered)

It is in request to give adequate lead time to building proprietors to coordinate the entirety of the vital testing with different maintenance temporary workers well in front of the deadline to guarantee they possess energy for compliance, which ought to compensate for access challenges and fix the time and onwards.

The enactment expresses that an Annual Fire Safety Statement must cover all fundamental fire safety estimates installed in the building. Even if a Statement is submitted within the schedule, even if it is partially finished, it will still draw in a punishment.

Risks and Penalties for Fire Safety Regulation Non-Compliance in Sydney

A scope of different penalties, which shift in money related an incentive from $100 to $3000, are likewise pertinent for offences, for example,

  • Not displaying Fire Safety Certificates, Annual Fire Safety Statements, or fire safety sees nearby
  • Inability to maintain fundamental fire safety measures
  • Interfere, deter, eliminate or harm fire safety sees, fire entryways, fire ways out or ways of movement that lead to exits
  • Inability to give smoke cautions in any private building in agreement with Smoke Alarms Regulation

Every offence can bring about fines on the spot. And at the same time, the property may also rely on an Order provided. This is to determine which is not being addressed. The most common non-adherence we see are building proprietors not completing repairs and simply signing off on the building as stable! This should go on for good. Your fire safety timetable should always be completed via trained experts. If you somehow managed to approve the building as stable. And God forbid,  something turns out badly and somebody ends up dead or injured, you will face legal repercussions and might end up in jail.