Common Fire Safety Measures that Your Property Should Possess

08 September 2022

The number of people living or working inside properties can be abundant. Without considering their safety and welfare, some of them may get injured. Deaths may even occur, especially if the damages to the buildings are significantly destructive.

One safety issue that can be damaging to properties is fire. Without safety measures, fire can easily spread from one room to another, affecting almost all occupants in just a short time. If you are currently managing a property, you must always make sure that it will be equipped with the proper fire safety measures. Some fire safety measures it should possess are as follow.

Fire Detectors and Alarm Systems

Fire detectors and alarm systems are two fire safety measures your property should possess. As their names imply, they work by detecting smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and other fire-related elements and warning you about their existence. Many of these systems activate automatically, ensuring that you and others can be notified of an impending fire-related danger without waiting for the property to be engulfed by a huge fire.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Another fire safety measure that your property should possess is emergency lighting. It is a type of lighting that provides proper backup illumination on your property during an emergency. Since your property will most likely lose power during a fire, the existence of this lighting would still allow you and other occupants to see the surroundings and find your way to the exit. And speaking of the exit, emergency lighting is often accompanied by exit signs, which are pictograms or short texts that tell people the closest emergency exits around the property.

Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system is comprised of a water supply system, a water distribution piping system, and sprinkler heads. Often installed in ceilings or side walls, the purpose of this fire safety device is to spray water over the flames to essentially extinguish them. But if the flames cannot be extinguished, the system alternatively works by controlling the heat and limiting the release of toxic smoke until firefighters arrive on the affected property.

Fire Hydrants and Fire Hose Reels

Fire departments usually bring large water tanks to effectively supply their needed water to extinguish the fire. However, there are times when their water supply gets depleted. In these cases, they can effectively take advantage of fire hydrants. Fire hydrants are water supply connection points that can be tapped by firefighters. Another source of water that can be used to put out fire comes from fire hose reels. They are often installed right next to fire hydrants, allowing firefighters and even occupants to respond to fires quickly.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are fire safety devices that can be used in putting out a small fire. These things are often comprised of powders and gas elements that can cool the burning material, cut the oxygen of the flame, or interfere with the combustion of the flame. They are often used as the first attack device for fires at early stages.

Fire Doors

One more fire safety measure your property should possess is fire doors, especially for large homes. Fire doors are installed to effectively slow down or reduce the spread of smoke and fire between compartments of your property. These doors allow you and others to safely exit the property and keep firefighters safe during their entry.

Having these fire safety measures checked is essential to ensure their effectiveness. To have them inspected, you can call us at Key Compliance.