Essential Fire Safety Consultation Services: Reasons Why Every Strata Needs This

03 April 2019

Essential fire safety consultation services are a necessity for the safe operation of companies in all business strata today. With top-quality professional information, inspections, audits and maintenance advice from a professional fire safety practitioner, you can protect your company’s premises, employees, equipment and inventories from disastrous injury and damage from fire. As the owner or operator of a business, you know how difficult it can be to keep all areas and aspects of your company operating smoothly for high levels of production. Even if you have knowledge concerning current fire safety measures and regulations, ensuring that all safety regulations are being met by your company is virtually impossible while running your business.

Expert Fire Safety Consultation Services to Ensure Your Business Compliance with Fire Safety Requirements

In order to ensure that all areas and aspects of your company and its operations comply with current fire safety regulations, it is best to engage the professional services of a top-rated fire safety practitioner. Your fire safety consultant will provide the following services for your company:

• Perform an Inspection. – Your fire safety practitioner and crew will carefully inspect your company offices, showrooms, factories or warehouses to ensure that all updated fire safety measures are in place and operating at top capacity. These fire safety measures will include fire detectors and alarm systems, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, emergency lighting, exit signs and others. Your fire safety compliance professional will ensure that your company’s fire safety measures comply with all NSW regulations, including the visible posting of a current Fire Safety Certificate (FSC).

• Generate an Audit Report. – Your fire safety consultant will generate an audit report that documents the current status of your company’s fire safety methods and protection. The levels of safety protection from fire that are now in good use at your business premises to protect both your staff and all areas of your company and its products will be detailed in this document. Any recommended upgrades, repairs and new installations of fire safety equipment and methods will be included in this audit report, which will be sent to Fire Safety Compliance officials for NSW.

• Assist with Contracting Safety Upgrades. – Your fire safety consultant will assist you in contracting any necessary upgrades or repairs for your company’s current fire safety protection measures and equipment and help you purchase the most effective new safety equipment for installation, if needed. You’re highly responsible, efficient and friendly fire safety practitioner and crew will also help you schedule ongoing services with your fire safety maintenance contractor to keep all aspects of your company’s fire safety compliance in NSW completely valid and updated.

When you contact the experts at Key Compliance, serving many areas of NSW including Newcastle, Sydney Metropolitan Areas, the Central Coast and Wollongong, you will receive top-tier information and full consultation services relative to professional fire safety protection for your company. Our experienced fire safety practitioners will ensure that all areas and aspects of your company premises, operations and production areas are fully compliant with current NSW fire safety protection regulations for the ultimate safety of your employees, company facilities and ongoing business success.