Essential Services and Safety Measure Inspections That Your Business Establishment Needs

25 March 2019

All business owners in NSW must comply with government fire safety services regulations. This involves regular servicing, maintenance and certification of the essential services and safety measures of your company premises to ensure that your offices, showrooms or production areas are adequately protected. You must also have the required fire protective equipment properly installed and in good order for safe and effective operation. The major purpose of requiring adherence to these fire safety regulations by companies is to provide your business facilities and staff members with the best possible protection in case of a fire emergency.

Essential Fire Prevention Services and Safety Measure Inspections to Protect Your Business Premises

Necessary fire prevention services and safety measure inspections performed by a professional fire safety consultant/practitioner are essential to ensure adequate protection of your business establishment. These services and inspections must be performed regularly and are required to include the following procedures:

• Audit. – An audit of all fire regulation requirements and essential services, or fire safety measures, must be made of your company building or premises by a qualified fire safety practitioner. Results of this audit must then be reviewed and evaluated according to a specified performance standard for safety. Any nonconforming aspects or deficient maintenance findings must be noted and addressed. There are a total of 29 different fire safety measures to be satisfied, including fully operating fire detectors and alarm systems, emergency lighting and exit signs, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and fire doors.

• Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). – After completion of the audit, any deficiencies in fire safety compliance must be corrected. The Annual Fire Safety Statement is then generated, and the owner of the building in which your company is located, or a designated representative of the owner, must sign the AFSS within a period of three months following the audit assessment. A copy of the AFSS must then be sent to the appropriate Council (NSW Fire Brigades), and another copy is to be displayed in a prominent place within the building where your company is located.

• Maintenance. – All essential services and fire/life safety networks and systems within the building where your company is located are to be inspected, assessed for needed improvements and maintained on a regular schedule to comply with your local building code authority and to meet required Australian Standards for quality essential services and fire safety measures. All reports relative to essential services inspections, records of maintenance assessments and repairs reports generated should be kept within the building and available for future inspections and audits.

The expert fire safety consultants and practitioners at Key Compliance serve the entire Sydney metropolitan area, Newcastle, the Central Coast, Wollongong and other regions of NSW. These highly experienced professionals will help you ensure that your business establishment meets all requirements in NSW for optimal quality essential services and fire safety measures. Our experts will perform a comprehensive audit, compile an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and note any necessary additions to your regular, ongoing maintenance of essential services and fire safety protection measures for the building in which your business establishment is located.