Fire Protection Safety in Sydney: Building Assessment by Competent Consultants and Practitioners

03 June 2019

Fire safety services compliance regulations in Sydney, NSW require that you install and maintain a range of fire safety measures and equipment in any building that you own. A top-rated fire safety compliance consultant and practitioner like Dennis Lyons, principal consultant of Key Compliance, is well prepared to fully assess your commercial, multi-purpose or multiple-unit residential building for its current levels of compliance for fire safety protection.

As property owner, you are required to make sure that your building interiors are inspected, assessed and certified on a regular schedule to ensure adequate fire safety for all employees or residents. All fire protective equipment and mechanisms must be properly installed and serviced to maintain good operation at all times.

Building Fire Safety Assessment by Competent Consultants and Practitioners in Sydney

Professional building assessment by experienced, qualified fire safety compliance consultants and practitioners in Sydney includes the following procedures:

• Checking property for working fire detectors and fire extinguishers;
• Ensuring the presence of an adequate fire alarm system in a building;
• Checking your property for valid emergency lighting and exit signs;
• Inspecting your building for an updated fire sprinkler system;
• Ensuring the presence of working fire hose reels in your property; and
• Checking your building for correct installation of proper fire doors.

Your expert fire safety compliance consultant/practitioner will perform a comprehensive fire equipment maintenance audit of your property to ensure your building’s qualification for fire safety compliance with NSW regulations. If your property meets all fire safety requirements, you will be issued both an interim and final Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) to be displayed in a prominent location in your building lobby or other common area.

However, if improvements are needed for your property to satisfy all NSW fire safety compliance regulations, your fire safety consultant/practitioner will document all recommended repairs and installations. Upon completion of these improvements, you will receive the AFSS and FSC for your building.

Your expert fire safety compliance practitioner will perform regular maintenance of your fire protection equipment and measures for the purpose of minimising risks of fire outbreaks. By providing top quality fire safety management methods evaluations on an ongoing schedule, your fire safety professional will ensure that your property stays up-to-date for complete fire safety compliance.

By consulting the experts at Key Compliance located in Kogarah, NSW and serving all of Sydney and surrounding regions, you can schedule a professional fire safety compliance assessment for your property. This top-tier company offers ultimate quality, thorough fire safety compliance assessment for your building by an expert fire safety consultant and practitioner.

Key Compliance is a corporate member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) and has held membership in the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) for more than 30 years. Our experienced professionals will work with you to ensure complete compliance with NSW fire safety regulations for your property.