Fire Risk Assessment in Plant Facilities: Identifying Fire Hazards Before They Could Even Occur

05 September 2019

Although even the best prepared manufacturing plants today cannot be guaranteed as fireproof, there are important methods for providing strong fire safety protection in your factory in New South Wales. By consulting a professional fire safety consultant and practitioner, you can obtain information about major fire prevention equipment, measures and procedures for commercial plant facilities.

Basic steps like ensuring that your factory building’s fire alarms, fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hoses and reels are all in good working order are essential. Emergency lighting over exits and in busy areas of plants must also be operating well at all times. In addition, fire door and window frames must be well-sealed to eliminate cracks that can cause dangerous drafts during fires.

Identifying Dangerous Fire Hazards During Fire Risk Assessment in Plant Facilities

Potentially dangerous fire hazards can be identified during fire risk assessment in manufacturing plant facilities with use of the following methods and procedures:

• Schedule Complete Fire Hazard Assessment. Manufacturing plants need careful assessment for the presence of special fire hazards. For this reason, it is necessary for factory owners and managers to schedule specialised and regular fire hazard assessment by qualified professional fire safety practitioners. Factories contain high-powered production machinery, chemical substances and vast storage areas for equipment and inventories. Your fire safety inspector in NSW must have complete understanding of all factory operations, supplies and equipment.

Your fire prevention professional must also have expert knowledge about the latest fire prevention mechanisms and techniques to control any outbreaks of fire. Your fire safety expert will inspect and assess all areas and aspects of your plant and recommend all needed updates, changes and additions for fire safety methods and technology. Your fire safety expert will assist you in attaining complete fire safety compliance for your factory while protecting your employees and your business from the danger of fire.

• Install Updated Fire Protection Systems. The financial expense of purchasing the latest advancements in fire protection systems and equipment for plant facilities is often high. However, the potential loss and tragedy of a major fire in a factory could be devastating. The single occurrence of a serious fire in a manufacturing plant could result in the loss of millions and even a billion or more dollars in property, equipment and products. Of course, the biggest tragedy could be the loss of life of employees and management.

Even if a minor fire occurs in a production facility and all staff members remain safe and unharmed, damage to the property and downtime in production can be costly and prevent normal business success. In some instances, plant facility owners must relocate or rebuild their factories while production is interrupted. Although insurance may cover major damage, owners may have to find funding for much of the business recovery. Responsible owners and operators of manufacturing plants today are investing in top-tier, advanced fire safety technology and equipment. They realise the vital necessity of complying with all fire safety regulations for NSW to help ensure the safety of their factory employees, management and facilities.

• Provide Employee Training in Fire Safety. As a plant facility owner, you need to promote a culture of fire prevention and safety among your staff members. Top quality equipment like updated and working fire extinguishers and alarm systems can help to contain and extinguish a minor fire. However, fire prevention knowledge and practice among employees can help to prevent a fire from occurring since over-heated machinery and tools are a major cause of factory fires.

When employees are well trained in how to recognise danger signs in equipment and how to use different types of fire extinguishers if needed, many fires can be prevented or extinguished in the early stages. The risk of breakouts of fire is high in manufacturing plants. However, with top quality fire safety equipment and measures installed, employees who are well trained in fire safety and regular plant inspections and assessments by a qualified fire safety practitioner, manufacturing facilities can help ensure high levels of fire safety for the entire staff and the business.

When you contact Key Compliance headed by principal consultant, Dennis Lyons, and located in Kogarah, NSW, you will receive top caliber professional fire safety compliance advice as well as a thorough inspection and assessment of your plant facility to ensure its fire safety compliance. If your factory does not fully comply with all current fire safety regulations for NSW, you will benefit from professional assistance in obtaining the necessary repairs or additional fire prevention equipment and measures. Key Compliance pros will ensure that your facility meets standards to receive your current Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) for posting in your plant facility lobby or entryway.