Fire Risk Assessment: Why Does Every Property Owner Need it?

02 July 2019

Fire safety regulations in NSW require property owners to have their buildings maintained regularly and serviced when needed. Buildings should be inspected annually by a qualified professional fire safety consultant and evaluated to determine whether any fire protective equipment needs updating or repairs. When all necessary improvements have been made, each building owner receives an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) for display in a public area of the building.

Why Every Property Owner Needs to Schedule a Fire Risk Assessment

All property owners in NSW need to schedule an annual fire risk assessment for their buildings for important reasons such as the following:

• Safety of Company Employees. – Annual fire safety inspections are required to protect management and employees of companies that rent office, showroom or factory space in a building. Because the need for continuous operation of building systems and company equipment that use large amounts of electrical power may cause increased risk of fire outbreaks in commercial buildings, regular risk assessments by a fire safety practitioner are necessary. Employees need and deserve the assurance that they are working in a building with good fire safety measures that are in optimal operating condition at all times.

• Protection of Commercial Equipment. – Many factories, printing businesses and production companies must use costly equipment and large items of machinery to operate their enterprises and produce products for sale. All responsible companies carry insurance to cover fire damage to their valuable equipment. However, building owners must comply with the requirement of scheduling yearly fire safety inspections of buildings that house commercial entities to protect expensive heavy machinery and smaller items of equipment from fire damage as well.

• Safety of Residents in Multi-Purpose Properties. – In multi-purpose buildings that house residents, companies and retail shops or restaurants, annual fire safety inspections and assessments are essential for the protection of residents, company employees, business equipment and patrons of eateries and shops. Especially when sections or floors of these buildings are open to the public, property owners may need to carry several types of liability insurance to cover residents and varied types of companies and staffs housed within these multi-use buildings. This may require more frequent and extensive assessments of these properties for maintaining insurance coverage and for protecting everyone on the premises from injury and the building itself from fire damage.

When you engage the expert services of Key Compliance, professional fire safety consultants located in Kogarah, NSW, you will receive top quality advice concerning all necessary fire safety measures for your property. Whether your building houses residential tenants, commercial companies, restaurants or shops or a combination of these as a multi-purpose building, you need excellent fire safety protection.

Our principal consultant, Dennis Lyons, and his experienced staff at Key Compliance will schedule regular inspections and assessments of your property and its current fire safety measures and practices to ensure optimal fire safety protection for everyone who inhabits or enters your property.