Fire Safety Compliance in Work Places is Every Employer’s Duty and Responsibility

05 November 2019

If you own or operate a company that hires employees in New South Wales, it is your duty and responsibility to comply with all NSW fire safety provisions and regulations. Only by adhering to full compliance with these fire safety requirements can you provide adequate fire safety for your workers and company offices, showrooms, factory or other facilities.

When your commercial building premises are equipped with top-quality fire safety equipment and measures for ensuring the safety of your employees, you can enjoy more peace of mind, knowing that you are doing all that you can to provide a safe operating facility for your company’s staff members as well as its furnishings, equipment and any inventories.

Employer Fire Safety Requirements for Company Work Places in New South Wales

Current fire safety requirements for company workplaces that all employers must heed include the following:

• Working Fire Alarms. The fire alarm systems throughout your business offices or other type of company facilities must be in excellent operating condition to comply with NSW fire safety regulations. If your entire staff is alerted immediately if a fire should occur on your business premises, everyone will know to vacate the building quickly to avoid danger and personal harm.

• Working Fire Extinguishers and Sprinkler Systems.
When your fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are all in optimal working order, your company employees will have a much better opportunity to avoid injury if a fire breaks out. With the aid of the fire extinguishers, knowledgeable workers can extinguish small fires that may occur in your company’s kitchen or snack bar and cafe areas. If a larger fire should occur, the sprinkler systems will be a major factor in extinguishing flames before they spread to other areas of your workplace.

• Well-lit Stairwells and Entryways. With good, dependable lighting in the stairways adjoining your company offices or other facilities, your employees will be much safer as they exit the building if a fire breaks out. They can exit faster, without tripping or falling on dark or dimly lit stairs. Every entrance-way of your company facilities and every fire door must also be well-illuminated to ensure safe exiting by your staff members, if necessary.

• Fire Doors with Tightly-Fitting Frames. By ensuring that your company facilities have fire doors with securely fitting frames, you can help prevent airflow from outside that can fan the flames and smoke if a fire should occur in your offices, showroom or other business setting. Although this may seem like a minor issue, even small drafts of air can encourage flames and smoke fumes to spread rapidly through the area.

For a comprehensive fire safety consultation, an inspection and an audit for your company facilities in New South Wales, contact Key Compliance led by principal consultant and fire safety practitioner, Dennis Lyons. This excellent fire safety consultancy is located in Kogarah, NSW, and serves the entire Sydney Metropolitan area, the Central Coast, Wollongong and other areas. Our highly qualified, expert fire safety practitioners will work closely with you to ensure that your company offices, showroom, factory, warehouse or other type of commercial facility meets all regulations for NSW fire safety compliance.