Fire Safety Measures Assessment for Operational Compliance: What Do Business Owners Need to Understand?

13 December 2019

There are important aspects of fire safety measures assessment for operational compliance in New South Wales that all business owners need to understand. Whether you own the building in which your company operates or lease floor space in a commercial building to run your business, you must comply with all fire safety regulations as a business owner. You want to ensure that your entire staff and any business associates or other visitors to your company premises are well-protected if a fire should break out.

Even small fires that are quickly contained and extinguished may cause injury or personal property damage to employees and other individuals who may be present. Your professional fire safety consultant can guide you in updating, repairing or installing any fire safety equipment and measures needed to make your company’s facilities completely fire safety compliant.

Essential Fire Safety Operational Compliance Measures that Business Owners Must Understand

Basic operational compliance measures that company owners need to understand and adhere to for satisfying all NSW fire safety regulations include the following:

• Working Fire Detectors, Extinguishers and Alarms. All of the floors, rooms and areas of your company premises should be equipped with fire detectors, extinguishers and alarms that are in excellent working condition. Only with these items of fire safety equipment in place can you ensure the best possible fire safety protection for your employees and company visitors. Each fire extinguisher should be in a highly visible location for the use of your staff members if a fire should occur.

• Good Operation of Fire Sprinklers and Hose Reels.
When your office, factory or showroom fire sprinklers and fire hose reels are in good condition, your business will be well-equipped to contain any large or spreading fire that may break-out in your company location. This will be of great help to your local fire department in extinguishing your fire when firemen arrive at the scene to assist you and help ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.

• Working Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs. It is essential to make sure that all of your company floors and separate entry and exit doors are equipped with emergency lighting and exit signs. Otherwise, your staff will have difficulty in locating these doorways if a fire should occur and the general electricity and lighting go out in your company facilities.

• Strong and Correctly Installed Fire Doors. Every fire door in your company location must be a regulation fire door with strong construction. Your fire doors must be installed securely, without any cracks between the doors and door frames. Any cracks can admit airflow from outside that can cause flames to increase and fires to spread rapidly, endangering your company staff, visitors, equipment and property.

By contacting Key Compliance, headed by principal consultant and fire safety practitioner, Dennis Lyons, located in Kogarah, NSW, you will receive expert information, advice and a thorough inspection and audit of your company premises for fire safety compliance. Our top-rated fire safety consultancy serves clients in many areas of NSW including the Sydney Metropolitan Areas, the Central Coast and Wollongong.

Following your company facility’s assessment, our experts will provide a written report and recommend any repairs, updates or new installations needed to make your business location fire safety compliant. Once your facilities meet all requirements for NSW fire safety compliance, you will receive your Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and Fire Safety Certificate (FSC), copies of which should be displayed in a prominent place in your building lobby or the entrance to your company facilities.