Fire Safety Risk Assessment: What Can It Do For Your Business?

11 June 2020

Businesses all around the globe are mandated to a regular fire safety risk assessment. Such is an important practice in most industries to ensure the safety and protection of the owners, employees and customers altogether. Since it is under the obligation of owners, in compliance with the law, neglecting the fire safety risk assessment could result into excessive and unnecessary penalties or worst – imprisonment. Usually, most business people would perceive this fire safety risk assessment as one of those measures that are not entirely essential to the industry. However, what they do not know is that there are preventive and protective benefits from fire safety risk assessment. Below is an overview of fire risk assessment and what it can do for your business.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Overview

Basically, fire safety risk assessment is the identification of fire danger signs, high-risk and heavily populated areas. Fire safety inspectors would spot these dangers in advance so operators and owners would have ample time and opportunity to address such before something unfortunate takes place. This is a preventive task that would save time, money and resources instead of dealing with the aftermath of a fire tragedy which is likely to cause property damage or worst – death. Establishments vary in structure, system, arrangement and organisation so a general assessment would be deemed irrelevant. Instead, a fire safety officer must conduct a personal assessment to fully identify problems and offer solutions. In practical terms, this means conducting a proper survey of the measures that are put in place to safely get people away from the building in the event of a fire – and of the controls that are in place to limit a fire. The assessment alone will note number and condition of fire doors, location and type of fire fighting equipment, and ease of escape for all usual occupants of a building.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment Can Reduce Death Risk and Damages in Properties

Once a fire safety officer successfully conducted an assessment, your business will have an outline of what to do in case a fire happens. A fire safety officer will provide recommendations so the people in the premises will be trained. Therefore, it will significantly decrease the risk of death and damages in properties to a minimum and at best – none. Proper knowledge is almost always the solution to unforeseen circumstances. With the right preparation and tools, businesses are equipped to deal with fire emergencies with the least negative consequences. This would result in a significant money-saving strategy because businesses will no longer deal with expensive repair and replacement costs, aside from that, they will no longer hold liability over deaths in the premises – because such tragedy won’t occur in the first place.