Fire Triangle: Three Most Important Elements in Identifying Fire Hazards

23 August 2021

Fire risks are present in each commercial enterprise, huge or small. And, you need to realize the way to pick out them while you are completing your fireplace hazard inspections. But what makes something a fire threat? Fire hazards are defined as “something that increases the probabilities of a fire happening”. But, what does this in reality suggest?

Well, fire requires three things: oxygen, fuel, and heat or resources of ignition. Oxygen, heat, and fuel are regularly known as the “fire triangle.” Add within the fourth element, the chemical reaction, and also you genuinely have a fire “tetrahedron.” The essential component to do not forget is: take any of those four matters away, and you will not have a fireplace or the fire can be extinguished. Essentially, fire extinguishers placed out fire via removing one or more elements of the fire triangle/tetrahedron.

What is The Fire Triangle?

Also referred to as The Combustion Triangle, it’s used to help others apprehend the chemical reaction needed to create and fuel a fireplace. All three factors have to be a present so that they will ignite a fire, these consist of:


A fireplace can’t ignite without an object or fabric present to permit the fireplace to burn. Businesses and homes comprise a selection of different combustible substances with the purpose to help to fuel a fireplace, including timber, paper, oil, and fabric. While a few substances burn more rapidly than others, a fire can nonetheless unfold relatively without problems, especially within the domestic. Even wallpaper can help to fuel a fire – a fabric that cannot be easily eliminated from the house.


Heat may also help to ignite a fire and keep it burning. As a combustible material succumbs to fire, heat may be naturally produced. The best way in which this can be cooled is by way of the software of water (for some types of a fireplace). Other fires may additionally need to be doused in foam or other drinks or materials to either reduce the heat source or suffocate a fire.


Despite 21% of the Earth’s ecosystem being made from oxygen, this small quantity is just sufficient to both ignite a fire and sustain it, just the opposite two elements are a bonus, too. A fire will handiest require 16% oxygen to burn, and so this oxidising agent will substantially boost up the chemical reaction taking place.

Fire extinguishers will cast off one or greater of the aforementioned elements. Therefore, it’s critical which you have the right fireplace extinguisher accessible to deal with a specific kind of fire. Not all fire extinguishers are appropriate for use on all styles of the fire. For example, a water fire extinguisher ought to never be used on an electrical fireplace, but a water mist fire extinguisher that has surpassed suitable testing may be used on electric fires.