How to Ensure that Your Fire Sprinklers are Working Properly

24 February 2022

For decades, fire incidents have caused many buildings to get damaged in some ways.

When attended immediately, fire may only reach a small part of the building. Alternatively, unattended fire typically leads to the destruction of the building and injured occupants. Worse, it may lead to the death of several people. These effects are the primary reason why buildings should be equipped with high-quality active fire protection.

Active fire protection is a type of fire protection that responds automatically or manually in extinguishing a fire and regulating smoke. One classic example of active fire protection is a fire sprinkler.

The Working Principles of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are active fire protection devices that can directly respond to and extinguish a fire. They are often connected to a system that maximises a water supply system, providing them with the means to get rid of a fire as quickly as possible.

Generally, fire sprinklers maximise pressurised water to extinguish detected fire. They are connected to water pipes behind the ceilings and the walls, allowing them to protect the rooms and spaces beneath them. Once a fire breaks out, the air temperature increases. As the air reaches the fire sprinklers, these active fire protection devices will spray water over the flames to extinguish them or control their spread.

With fire sprinklers, they can allow occupants to get out of the premises and wait for the fire department to arrive. They do not only minimise property damages but also save lives.

Checking the Condition of Fire Sprinklers

Maximising fire sprinklers on your property is perhaps one of the best steps in protecting you and others from fire-related injuries and damages. Your fire sprinklers, however, must be checked and serviced to ensure that they are working properly. Here are some ways how to make them work optimally.

  • Let professionals check the fire sprinklers: One of the best ways to check the condition of your fire sprinklers is to have them checked by professionals. Professionals have all the knowledge and experience in assessing the condition of fire sprinklers. In just a few minutes, they can already tell if the fire sprinklers are still functional or not.
  • Maintain the fire sprinklers regularly: Another way to ensure that the fire sprinklers are working properly is to maintain them regularly. Fire protection specialists must be contacted so they can check the parts of the fire sprinklers and conduct the necessary step in maintaining them.
  • Conduct repairs whenever necessary: Aside from maintenance works, your fire sprinklers can also work optimally if they are repaired right away. Some components of your fire sprinklers can be repaired immediately without professional help. Once you have detected some repairable damages on your fire sprinklers, you must work on them right away.
  • Ensure proper clearance: One more way to ensure that your fire sprinklers are working properly is to provide ample clearance between them and the area around them. Fire sprinklers will not be effective if they are obstructed. Hence, they must have at least 18 inches of clearance below.

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