How to Keep Your Residential Building Safe from Fire during the Holidays

01 December 2022

Many families today have already started preparing for the holidays. The holidays, after all, can help them relax a little bit by spending time with their loved ones. This season also allows them to get some rest after months of studying or working.

But one thing that households should also prep for is their respective residential buildings. Some of them might be thinking of inviting a couple of guests over for dinner. Others, alternatively, may leave their houses for a few days to visit their relatives. No matter what their plans are, residential building owners should allocate some time and effort to ensuring that their properties will be safe from dangers, especially from fire.

If you want to make your residential building safe from fire during the holidays, here are some things that you must do.

Inspect Electrical Components

One of the things that you must do is inspect your electrical components. You must allocate some time to checking your sockets, wires, and connections. If they possess some damage, you should replace them right away to avoid causing serious shock or starting a fire.

Avoid Overloading the Outlets

Electrical fire in your residential building can happen if you always overload your electrical outlets. Exceeding the rated load of the outlets and the circuit wiring will only cause your circuit breaker to trip. However, without any breaker, your outlets and circuit wiring may overheat, which can lead to a fire. Outlets should be used optimally to avoid causing a fire.

Maximise Power Cords Properly

The power cords of your equipment should be placed in areas that are far from heat sources. They should also be free from heavy loads. Pinching them with furniture and other heavy materials, after all, might only damage them in the long run. Ultimately, you must avoid stapling or nailing the cords as doing these things may only damage them.

Check the Smoke Alarms

If your home already maximises smoke alarms, you must check them before you leave for the holidays. Smoke alarms are great fire protection systems that can notify you as soon as smoke has been detected on your property. Checking them can help you replace the ones that are already faulty. If you have smoke alarms that are over 10 years old, you should have them replaced right away with more modern ones.

Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fire safety devices can be a great investment for keeping your property safe from fire not only during holidays but also throughout its building life. One of the devices you can add is a carbon monoxide alarm. Adding these alarms can be beneficial for your property if you are still using a wood or gas fireplace and other fuel-burning devices. These alarms help notify your household once they detect a high level of carbon monoxide inside your property.

Keep Combustibles in a Safe Place

Combustibles should always be at least three feet from heat sources to ensure that a building fire will not start. Without following this tip, your holidays may become disastrous as your property gets damaged by fire.

Complying to fire safety regulations and having your property checked for compliance can also be a big help in ensuring the safety of your property against fire. To have your property assessed, you can contact us at Key Compliance.