How Would You Know If Fire Extinguishers are in Good Condition?

17 June 2019

If you own residential or commercial property that is occupied by residents or companies and their employees, it is essential to have top-rated and currently updated fire safety equipment and protective devices. It is very important to include easily accessible fire extinguishers in both home and business property for use by occupants if a fire should occur. Each extinguisher must be in good operating order and ready for use. In addition, all of the fire extinguishers in your property should be frequently and carefully inspected to ensure their readiness for use.

Often large, damaging fires spread from relatively small outbreaks of fire due to faulty electrical wiring and equipment or from flammable materials that are not property stored. However, with use of a fully working fire extinguisher that is located nearby, a small fire often can be contained and extinguished before it spreads to other areas of the building.

How to Ensure That Your Fire Extinguishers Are in Good Working Condition

You can determine whether or not your building’s fire extinguishers are in good working condition and meet the requirements for fire safety protection compliance with use of the following procedures:

• Examine the Pressure Gauge. – Remember to carefully examine the pressure gauge on each of your fire extinguishers every month. If the gauge needle is positioned inside the green (or “acceptable”) area of the operating indicator on a fire extinguisher, it is in good working condition. If, however, the needle position is out of this green range, you should replace the extinguisher or have it repaired, if possible. If your fire extinguisher does not have a gauge, have it inspected by a qualified professional to determine whether or not it is operating up to full capacity for fire safety protection of your property.

• Check the Inspection Sticker Date. – Every fire extinguisher in a building that provides residential units or commercial space for rent and occupancy should be inspected and serviced, as needed once every year. The inspection tag or sticker should have a listing of the dates of all past maintenance checks and any servicing or repairs performed. If any extinguisher in your building does not have a sticker, you should replace it with a new model to ensure the ongoing safety of your building inhabitants and your property.

• Look for Signs of Wear-and-Tear. –
If any of your building’s fire extinguishers have a torn hose or cracked nozzle, they should be replaced. If any have unsteady or broken handles or are missing a locking pin, they should also be replaced with top-quality new models to ensure fire safety compliance. Most modern fire extinguishers will operate smoothly for five to fifteen years, and you can contact the manufacturer to determine the working life of any of your current models.

By contacting the professional fire safety practitioners at Key Compliance located in Kogarah, NSW, you can schedule annual inspections for your fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment in your residential or commercial building. Our well-experienced experts will ensure that your fire safety equipment and measures are in excellent operating condition, meeting all requirements for fire safety compliance in NSW.