Key Compliance (KC): Rectifying Inadequate Fire Safety Compliance in Commercial Buildings

17 July 2019

At Key Compliance, highly experienced professional fire safety practitioners led by principal consultant, Dennis Lyons, assist commercial building owners in ensuring that their properties meet all NSW Fire Safety Compliance regulations. With more than 30 years of involvement in the building industry and 20 years in fire protection services, this top-tier fire safety consultancy is known and respected for its expertise in all areas of fire safety compliance.

After consultation and a complete inspection of your commercial building premises to determine its degrees of fire safety compliance, your Key Compliance expert consultant will issue an evaluation report concerning your property’s fire safety status. Your consultant will discuss with you all details of any necessary repairs or replacements of fire protective equipment and devices that must be made. This fire safety expert will also advise you about any new or updated fire safety measures or methods that are required in order for your building to meet all NSW Fire Safety regulations.

Rectifying Common Property Inadequacies for Commercial Building Fire Safety Compliance 

Some of the commonly found inadequacies in commercial building fire safety compliance across NSW must be rectified to satisfy the following fire safety compliance requirements:

• Fire detectors and fire extinguishers in good working condition
• Fire alarm systems with good operation
• Fully operational emergency lighting and exit signs
• Fire sprinklers in good working condition
• Smoothly operating fire hose reels
• Regulation fire doors without gaps between doors and door frames

In addition, every commercial building must have regularly scheduled fire equipment maintenance audits to ensure good operation of all equipment. After your property inspection by your fire safety practitioner-consultant, he or she will evaluate all aspects of your building’s fire prevention measures, mechanisms and devices.

If your property is found to be deficient in meeting fire safety requirements for commercial buildings in NSW, your consultant will notify you of any updates, repairs or replacements of equipment and methods necessary to ensure fire safety compliance for your property. Your consultant can also recommend reputable companies for making updates, repairs or new installations of equipment as needed.

As the owner of your commercial property, you will receive both an interim and final Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) as well as a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) once all required work is completed for your building and your property receives approval as fire safety compliant in NSW. Your AFSS and FSC should both be displayed in a prominent place in a public area of your building.

For expert information and advice concerning fire safety requirements for commercial buildings in NSW, contact the fire safety compliance experts at Key Compliance located in Kogarah, NSW and serving the entire Sydney Metropolitan area, the Central Coast and Wollongong. Our experts will provide you with top-rated professional consultation, advice, inspections and services to ensure that your commercial property meets all current NSW regulations for fire safety compliance.