Know the Important Regulatory Standards Relevant to Fire Safety Systems in Australia

05 August 2021

The government of New South Wales and other areas of Australia approved the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety and Building Certification) Regulation 2017, which introduced reforms to previous fire safety rules. The amended regulations became effective on October 1, 2017, and implemented specific legal requirements that building owners and managers must comply with in order to ensure the safety of tenants and workers who inhabited their buildings.

The Amended Regulation’s ‘Relevant Fire Safety System’

The 2017 Amended Regulation calls for new building plans and construction to include a ‘Relevant Fire Safety System’ to include such features as the following components of a hydraulic fire safety system. These includes a fire hydrant system, a fire hose reel system, a sprinkler system (to include a wall-wetting sprinkler or drenching setup), and an additional automatic fire suppression backup system.

In addition, new building designs are required to include a fire detection and alarm system plus a mechanical smoke control system with duct installation. In larger multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial buildings or educational institutions, fire doors may be required. Building owners must display Fire Safety Certificates (FSC), and in some instances, interim and final Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS).

Fire Safety Regulations for Owners and Operators of Budget Accommodation Buildings

Budget accommodation buildings are buildings that have shared bathroom and sanitary facilities (other than laundries) and that have accommodations for six or more people and are classified as hotels, boarding houses, hostels and some types of medical facilities. Owners and operators of these buildings are required to implement and maintain a basic Fire Safety Master Plan that includes the presence of working early warning systems, such as hard-wired smoke alarms and emergency lighting systems. Penalty fines for non-compliance with these regulations are equal to amounts of $12,000 and above.

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