Let Key Compliance Audit Your Maintenance Records and Procedures for the New Year

09 January 2023

Maintenance is an important process that should be carried out regularly in buildings. Over time, building components must be checked to ensure that they still retain their structural integrity. The installed building systems should likewise be assessed to see if they can still work optimally. Upon their inspection, affected building components and systems should be maintained accordingly to avoid causing more issues in the long run.

Aside from the physical aspect of the building and its incorporated system components, maintenance should also be done to keep their functions intact. If a kitchen, for instance, does not carry out the needed processes optimally, its owner should apply changes that can help it store food and prepare meals optimally again.

All these maintenance tasks are crucial to keeping properties appealing, durable, functional, and valuable. These tasks, however, must be audited by professionals.

The Essence of a Maintenance Audit

A maintenance audit is a process wherein data is gathered to see if the maintenance procedures of a building are delivered optimally. The audit can confirm if the internal and external requirements of the building are carried out effectively. It can also see if the property owner matches the maintenance works to their assets. Ultimately, a maintenance audit can know if the programs set for the building systems and components all run properly.

Overall, a maintenance audit can confirm if your maintenance team carry out maintenance tasks appropriately, preventing any issues from occurring unexpectedly. It can also reflect the effectiveness of the set maintenance programs, allowing property owners and their management to apply changes to the processes, scheduling, and others whenever necessary.

Maintenance Audit Major Inclusions

One part of a maintenance audit involves assessing the maintenance programs of assets, equipment, and building systems as they can affect the overall safety and security of a property. Some building systems that have to be checked are HVAC systems, electrical, lighting, and plumbing. Building assets then include machinery and equipment often needed in carrying out core building activities and operations.

Health and safety inside the building should also be audited. The status of fire suppression, materials handling, workstation ergonomics, and others should be checked so that occupants inside the building will remain healthy and safe from potential injuries and death.

Once the maintenance records are checked, the inspector will then have to provide a report and a program involving improvements in the maintenance of the building. This program will often help property owners make their buildings safe and compliant with state laws and regulations.

Auditing Services by Key Compliance

If you need some help with auditing your maintenance records and procedures for the new year, you may want to contact us at Key Compliance. As a property owner, you have the legal obligation to protect the occupants of your building. Once you do not comply with building codes and rules, authorities can simply issue an order demanding you to comply. Otherwise, you may face financial penalties and others that can be more wasteful on your end.

Hiring Key Compliance is a great step for your building since we can gladly help with fire risk assessments, building upgrade works, provision of Annual Fire Safety Statements, fire safety inspections, and complying with council-imposed fire safety orders. We can also audit your maintenance records and procedures to keep everything in good condition.