On Fire Safety: The Importance of Buying Smoke Alarms That Conform to Australian Standards

04 October 2019

While there are numerous brands of smoke detectors on the market today, not all conform to Australian Standards. It is important that you purchase only the ones that do comply with the regulations set forth in these standards or your structure will not be up to code for one thing. For another thing, only the smoke detectors or alarms that meet Australian Standards are reliable day after day in warning of fires. There is more on this topic in the following.

Benefits of Purchasing Compliant Smoke Alarms

1. Brings Your Structure up to Code: This is important if you want to sell or lease your structure. Also, buildings and homes that are not up to code with smoke detectors can cause lawsuits to occur if injuries or deaths occur due to inadequate warning of fires.

2. Dependable Audible Warnings:
The primary advantage of buying smoke alarms that comply to Australian Standards after bringing your structure up to code is the early warning that they provide inhabitants during incidents of fire. As soon as the alarms detect smoke, they send a loud audible sound that does not stop until the smoke subsides. There is no way for people to ignore the sound that comes from these detectors even when they are asleep. This warning signal goes off early enough to increase the safety of your structure for the reasons below:

• Provides sufficient evacuation time for structure occupants prior to the fire intensifying.
• Firemen have a chance to help find those who cannot exit the structure unassisted.
• Emergency medical personnel can be notified to help the injured if necessary.

3. Cost-Effective: Regardless of how many smoke detectors that you need to buy for your structure, the ones that conform to Australian Standards are affordable.

4. May Come With Monitoring: When you purchase this type of smoke alarm as part of a larger security system, monitoring may be included in your agreement.

What to Look for When Shopping for Smoke Detectors

• The primary thing to search for with smoke alarms is that they are certified in accordance with the most current version of the Australian Standard AS 3786.
• All models should have a test button, so that you can easily test their operation status.
• Certain models come with a built-in, 10-year battery backup in case main power goes out. This feature eliminates the need of changing batteries yearly.
• Other integrated extras are available.

To learn further information about the importance of buying smoke alarms or detectors that conform to Australian Standards, consult with Key Compliance. We will fully explain every detail about this topic, and we can surely provide you with accurate fire safety audits and evaluation.