Possible Fire Hazards in the Healthcare Industry that Should not Be Ignored

13 January 2020

Fire safety is highly important in healthcare facilities due to the number of potentially vulnerable people that may be at risk on the premises, whether a hospital, care home or medical practice of any kind. With the likelihood of many patients struggling with mobility, evacuation procedures become more complex, and being able to understand what the common hazards might be in these environments becomes all the more important. Listed below are possible fire hazards in the healthcare industry that should not be ignored.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

One possible fire hazard in the healthcare industry that should not be ignored is the danger that comes with faulty electrical wiring. With the prevalence of electrical equipment on the premises of many healthcare facilities, the potential for fires breaking out through faulty or overworked sockets, cables and the like is high.

Kitchen Fire Hazard

Kitchen facilities, too, are a constant threat – particularly in care home environments where ongoing, round-the-clock care is provided for a large number of people. Cooking fats, electrical ovens, hobs or toasters, open flames and more are all potential hazards.

Cigarette Fire Hazard

Surprisingly for healthcare environments, cigarette smoking is still a common hazard. Despite all smoking now taking place outdoors, any open flame presents a risk – especially when coming into contact with flammable materials on site.

Medical Equipment Fire Hazard

Less common, but equally dangerous, are fires caused by specialised medical and surgical equipment. Laser and electrosurgical tools provide a genuine ignition hazard, while compressed oxygen tanks, surgical clothing and flammable sterilising/disinfecting liquids are perfect fuel.

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