Secure a Fire Safety Statement on Time by Hiring Key Compliance

23 January 2023

Property owners must always make sure that their buildings will comply with codes, laws, and others that govern their general protection and safety. One of the regulations they have to comply with has to deal with their buildings’ fire safety.

Fire safety is crucial to buildings since most of them will be occupied and filled with people who may be living or working inside. And if these properties do not comply with fire safety regulations, they could be one day at risk of getting on fire. Failure to comply with regulations can likewise trap people inside them as the buildings do not maximise elements that could deter a fire from growing and spreading.

A General Overview of Fire Safety Statements

As mentioned earlier, buildings can only be protected from a fire incident if they strictly comply with fire safety regulations. One of these regulations deals with the installation of fire safety elements that can deter a fire from growing and spreading. And to confirm that these elements will be effective, they must be inspected by an accredited practitioner.

Upon the inspection of fire safety elements, the building owner must then present fire safety statements to confirm that their respective buildings have been inspected by the accredited practitioner. These fire safety statements confirm that their buildings comply with the regulations set by the authorities.

One of the fire safety statements that building owners should present to the Council is the annual fire safety statement. It provides crucial information about each essential fire safety measure in a building. Another statement that they must provide is the supplementary fire safety statement as it deals with any critical fire safety measure in a property. This specific statement should be issued at intervals of less than 1 year.

General Responsibilities of Building Owners

Building owners or their agents have several responsibilities regarding their properties.

One of their responsibilities is to engage themselves in the fire safety statement process. They should also pick an accredited practitioner for safety who is accredited in Fire Safety Statement. Their chosen practitioner should also be qualified to assess each fire safety measure. Another responsibility of building owners or their agents is to ensure that their new and existing fire safety measures will be maintained accordingly.

One more responsibility of building owners or their agents is to declare that their fire safety measures have been assessed by an appropriately qualified practitioner. Subsequently, a fire safety statement must be issued.

Key Compliance Can Evaluate Your Building

If you are looking for the best-accredited practitioner for fire safety, you can contact us at Key Compliance. Our principal aim at Key Compliance is to help with all your Fire Safety Services Compliances in NSW. And with our 30 years of experience in the building industry and 20 years in fire protection, we can assess and evaluate your building for fire safety.

We cover the assessment of your fire detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and exit signs, fire sprinklers, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, and fire doors. We can also assess your level of fire protection to ensure adherence to fire safety compliance in NSW.