Secure Fire Safety Statements by Hiring an Accredited Practitioner

24 October 2022

Many elements are integrated into buildings so they can operate optimally. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, for instance, are added so that their internal temperature and air quality will be regulated optimally. Buildings also maximise security systems to deter burglars and outsiders from entering their premises right away.

But to keep all these systems safe, buildings should also incorporate a wide array of fire safety devices and systems. Fire is one of the most common reasons behind building damage. It can even put a lot of lives in danger. Without fire safety measures, a fire inside the building can easily damage everything in its path and injure or kill its occupants.

To ensure buildings will be safe from fire, building owners have to submit fire safety statements. Fire safety statements confirm and certify that the buildings are equipped with the necessary fire safety devices like fire extinguishers, fire detection systems, and fire sprinkler systems.

The Importance of Annual Fire Safety Statements

Before a building can operate, its owner should secure a Fire Safety Certificate first. This certificate declares that the property has been equipped with essential fire safety measures. It also certifies that fire safety devices will work once a fire occurs. After submitting the said certificate, the building owner can then be given an Occupation Certificate, allowing the property to open and run as intended.

One year after the building has been constructed and opened, the building owner must then prepare and forward an Annual Fire Safety Statement to the council. A copy of this statement must then be submitted to the fire brigade, while another one should be displayed at the building entrance or entry. This statement must only be submitted if the building has been inspected by an accredited practitioner. The practitioner should also assess the condition of the fire safety measures and confirm that they can still perform based on the relevant standard.

Picking an Accredited Practitioner for Fire Safety

The Annual Fire Safety Statement can only be issued by or on behalf of the owners of an existing building. As mentioned earlier, it confirms that an accredited practitioner has already assessed, inspected, and verified the condition and performance of fire safety measures found inside the property. It also makes sure that the measures still comply with the regulation.

The vital element in issuing Annual Fire Safety Statements is the accredited practitioner. Without hiring an accredited practitioner, it would be impossible for property owners to submit these statements. And with the absence of these statements, they would only risk getting hefty fines and charges. It may even lead to the imprisonment of the owners.

Now, when picking an accredited practitioner, a building owner should determine if the said practitioner is under an approved industry accreditation scheme. Doing this ensures that the practitioner can carry out the required assessment or inspection of the building.

If you need to have your property assessed for the Annual Fire Safety Statement, you can contact us at Key Compliance.