The Important Roles of a Fire Safety Consultant in New Construction Projects

08 March 2022

A fire can start instantly. And without any mitigating devices, it can continue to grow until it maximises all available fuel sources. But before it extinguishes on its own, it is expected to have already destroyed a property. It may have even caused injuries and taken lives in just a few minutes.

Fires can be classified according to their sources. Fire can damage properties due to faulty electrical wirings or devices, inappropriate use or storage of oil and gas, and spontaneous heat. As fire rages on, it can easily generate toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and phosgene, which are all known for irritating the lungs and disorienting people. Smoke fumes can also be generated, which can incapacitate or kill trapped building occupants.

Given the danger of property fires, new construction projects should be designed in collaboration with a fire safety consultant. Here are some of the most important roles of a fire safety consultant.

Integrate Fire Safety

One of the most notable roles of a fire safety consultant is to integrate fire safety in the design process of a property. Fire safety, which is often based on the local conditions and codes, must be integrated properly into the design of a new property to make sure that it will not get damaged easily once a fire occurs. The integration of fire safety into the property likewise allows people to get out and firefighters to get in easily as a fire starts. The integration of fire safety can be done by incorporating the needed active and passive fire protection devices, suitable building materials, and strategic system placements.

Provide Guidance

And to effectively integrate fire safety into construction projects, a fire safety consultant will offer guidance to architects and other involved professionals on these projects. A fire safety consultant will confirm all the fire systems needed to make the projects safe throughout their property life. Some systems that a fire safety consultant would often recommend include fire dampers, fire detection, emergency lighting, smoke alarms, and sprinkler systems. A fire safety consultant also guides by coordinating with structural engineers, letting them know how long the property must be protected and how it can be done.

Perform Vital Audits

Ultimately, a fire safety consultant can perform fire safety audits on new construction projects. Fire safety audits are conducted by examining the premises of the properties once they have been completed. These audits can ensure that the properties can effectively protect the occupants from fire. They can likewise confirm if the materials used for the properties are resistant enough against fire elements. Once issues are found during these audits, necessary actions are typically recommended to make the properties safe and adhere to property codes and standards.

Working with a fire safety consultant can ensure that new construction projects will be protected from costly fire damages and fatal fire-related injuries. To know more about their role in construction projects, you can call us at Key Compliance.