The Risks of Non-Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

28 June 2022

Tons of elements may cause problems and even damage to properties. A high level of moisture, for instance, can lead to the growth of mould and weakened property foundation. Insects can also introduce issues to properties, especially to parts made from timber and other similar materials.

But one element that can be devastating is fire. A fire may occur in a property as long as a fuel/oxidiser mix interacts with a heat source. A building filled with active and passive fire protection devices may eliminate the threat of fire in a short time. The spread of fire can also be prevented once firefighters respond to the site quickly. With these situations and instances, this property may still preserve its whole structure and prevent anyone from getting injured or trapped.

Ideally, properties should be equipped with well-maintained fire protection devices. They must also be made with fire-rated structural elements. Some of these things are stipulated by fire safety regulations. Failure to comply with the existing fire safety regulations will only lead to the following risks.

Loss of Lives

One of the most notable risks of non-compliance with fire safety regulations is the loss of lives. Fire safety regulations are meant to provide a set of rules and standards that can protect properties from the effects of fire. Without following the regulations, a property will be extremely vulnerable to fire and others. It will also make the property unsafe for occupants residing or working inside. Once a fire occurs, the affected building will not be able to give occupants enough time to respond and vacate the area. This event may lead to occupants acquiring injuries or facing death.

Legal Actions

Another risk of failure to comply with fire safety regulations is the actions that may be brought to the court. As mentioned earlier, fire safety regulations are intended to keep properties safe from the dangers of fire. Hence, states are strict in ensuring that these regulations will be strictly followed to avoid losing assets and costing lives.

Failure to follow the regulations in the early part of a construction project can already result in a substantial fine. The contractor should also have to execute the needed changes to make the property compliant. If, however, lives have been lost, a prison sentence may be given to those who have been proven of neglecting and disregarding the regulations.

Hefty Penalties

Accompanying the legal actions is the hefty penalties, which are not enough once a non-compliant property has already claimed some lives. Penalties are also a risk for property owners since every violation that can be found on their properties constitute a specific amount of penalty. So, if a property does not maximise a compatible fire alarm system, they should not only replace the system but must also pay a specific amount of fine. The savings one can get from complying with the regulations are far lower than waiting for the inspectors to spot the offences of the property.

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