Top 4 Upgrades to Improve the Fire Safety of Your Residential Building

07 November 2022

Many elements must be incorporated into residential buildings to make them functional.

For one, they must be equipped with proper lighting and ventilation. Lighting is essential to ensure that occupants can see everything in their rooms and spaces whenever necessary. Ventilation is likewise needed to make them feel comfortable. Residential buildings must also maximise optimum room sizes so they can fit all the things they need to optimise their living conditions. Proper circulation of air, electrical distribution, and orientation must then be incorporated to make these buildings liveable and valuable.

But one more element that residential buildings should possess is fire safety. Fire safety is essential to these elements as it can keep occupants safe from potential fire-related injuries. It can also avoid damaging the whole property once a fire occurs. If you want to keep your residential building safe, here are some upgrades to improve its fire safety.

1. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be added to your residential building as they can help contain early fires. With these fire safety tools, they can prevent the spread of fire to various rooms and spaces of your building. When upgrading your fire extinguishers, you may want to add some portable fire extinguishers as they can put out a fire without spreading chemicals to the surroundings. You can also maximise fire blankets, which can be used in putting out grease and grill fires. They can also be used for small fires without creating any mess.

2. Smoke Detectors

Your building occupants may not easily determine the presence of fire without any alarms or detection sounds. Smoke detectors, fortunately, can alert anyone inside your building about the presence of smoke. When upgrading your devices, you may want to opt for a combo smoke and carbon monoxide detector. This combo detector ensures that false alarms will be minimised as it will only alert you and others if the smoke comes from smouldering fires. A smart smoke alarm can also be added if you want to receive alerts through your smart device.

3. Fire Escape Ladder

Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors may be able to save you from the inside, but they may not help you when trying to escape your premises once the fire has spread. Fortunately, by adding a fire escape ladder, you and others would have a higher chance of surviving a property fire. This fire safety upgrade is essential if your residential building is more than two levels. The height of the ladders can be modified based on your property height. Even their materials can be modified to ensure that they can support your weight while withstanding the heat from a fire.

4. Fire Suppression

One more fire safety upgrade you can incorporate is automatic fire suppression. Adding an automatic fire suppression to your residential building ensures that most early fires can be eradicated as soon as possible without any human intervention. Some examples of fire suppression are sprinklers and foam suppression.

Upon the addition of fire safety upgrades, you can now let a fire safety consultant check your building. To have your property checked, you can contact us at Key Compliance.