Top 5 Ways to Check the Fire Safety of Your Building

09 June 2022

As a property owner, you must ensure that your building will remain safe throughout its operations. Even with renovations and modifications, its whole structure and composition must not allow any elements from destroying it. Fortunately, you can assess its condition through various inspections.

One of the inspections that your building should undergo is fire equipment inspection. The inspection of your building’s fire equipment is needed to make sure that all fire-related protective devices and systems can still work based on their key purposes. Fire equipment and safety inspection are also needed to confirm if your property still conforms to the standards set by the governing bodies.

Now, if you want to personally check the fire safety of your building, here are some helpful ways to do it.

  1. Assess the Escape Routes

One of the things that you must do when checking the fire safety of your building is to assess its escape routes. The escape routes of your building must be designed to cater to your property’s scale and occupancy. Their quantity, size, and location must also adhere to fire safety standards, ensuring that everyone inside your building can leave the place properly and safely during fire emergencies.

  1. Monitor Exit Door Pathways

Another way to check and confirm the fire safety of your building is to monitor the pathways to exit doors. The exit doors of your building are intended to keep any people inside the property safe during evacuation. Since they serve as the exit point for everyone, their pathways must be free from any obstructions. They must also be guided with photo-luminescent signage and markings.

  1. Check the Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors play a significant role in ensuring the safety of your property since they can help detect and determine the presence of smoke. Once they detect one, they can immediately notify everyone through their integrated alarm systems. Checking their condition can make sure that your property can respond quickly to potential fire once they detect some smoke.

  1. Review the Interior Materials

Aside from conducting the previously stated steps, you can also check the fire safety of your building by reviewing the condition of its interior materials. Some parts of your building should be made from flame-retardant materials to prevent fire from damaging them and spreading throughout the property. If some of these materials have become damaged, they must be serviced right away.

  1. Ask for Professional Help

One more thing that you can do to assess the fire safety of your building is to ask for professional help. Some things on your property can be physically checked by you and other personnel. However, other parts of your building can only be assessed thoroughly by the right professionals. Reputable fire safety inspections can assess the condition of your building and provide suggestions for its improvement.

To know more about building fire safety, you can contact us at Key Compliance. We offer a range of fire safety measures assessment for operational compliance for small and large businesses.