Fire Risk Assessment in Plant Facilities: Identifying Fire Hazards Before They Could Even Occur

05 September 2019

Although even the best prepared manufacturing plants today cannot be guaranteed as fireproof, there are important methods for providing strong fire safety protection in your factory in New South Wales. By consulting a professional fire safety consultant and practitioner, you can obtain information about major fire prevention equipment, measures and procedures for commercial plant facilities. Basic steps like ensuring that your factory building’s fire alarms, fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hoses and reels are all in good working order are essential. Emergency lighting over exits and in busy areas of plants must also be operating well at all times. In […]

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How to Get the Upperhand and Avoid Fire Incidents in Commercial Businesses

23 August 2019

In order to gain the upper hand in terms of fire safety in New South Wales today and prevent fire-related incidents in your commercial building, you need the advice and services of a superior quality NSW Fire Safety Compliance consultant and practitioner service. When you engage the services of┬árespected professional fire safety experts, you will receive valuable fire safety compliance advice and information. Your fire safety practitioner will schedule an inspection and audit of your commercial premises to determine any deficiencies in your fire prevention equipment, methods and procedures. Your fire safety professional will then issue a full written report […]

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Moving to a New Business Establishment: Why is Fire Risk Assessment Necessary?

07 August 2019

New South Wales Fire Safety Regulations require that business property owners must have their company premises inspected, serviced, maintained and certified annually to ensure adequate fire safety protection and compliance. Commercial property owners are legally liable for ensuring fire safety compliance for their buildings, and non-compliance can result in serious financial penalties. All commercial buildings need to have updated, approved fire safety measures and equipment installed and in excellent working order to prevent serious injury to employees and property damage if a fire should occur. Your fire safety consultant and practitioner can perform a complete inspection and audit of your […]

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Key Compliance (KC): Rectifying Inadequate Fire Safety Compliance in Commercial Buildings

17 July 2019

At Key Compliance, highly experienced professional fire safety practitioners led by principal consultant, Dennis Lyons, assist commercial building owners in ensuring that their properties meet all NSW Fire Safety Compliance regulations. With more than 30 years of involvement in the building industry and 20 years in fire protection services, this top-tier fire safety consultancy is known and respected for its expertise in all areas of fire safety compliance. After consultation and a complete inspection of your commercial building premises to determine its degrees of fire safety compliance, your Key Compliance expert consultant will issue an evaluation report concerning your property’s […]

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Fire Risk Assessment: Why Does Every Property Owner Need it?

02 July 2019

Fire safety regulations in NSW require property owners to have their buildings maintained regularly and serviced when needed. Buildings should be inspected annually by a qualified professional fire safety consultant and evaluated to determine whether any fire protective equipment needs updating or repairs. When all necessary improvements have been made, each building owner receives an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) for display in a public area of the building. Why Every Property Owner Needs to Schedule a Fire Risk Assessment All property owners in NSW need to schedule an annual fire risk assessment for […]

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