5 Factors to Check When Inspecting Your Fire Doors

25 May 2022

Buildings that are being constructed today should comply with a set of standards and building codes so they can remain safe and stable for a long time. One of the standards that the properties must adhere to is related to fire protection devices and materials. These devices and materials are meant to deter fire from damaging a building or structure. Without these things, an unextinguished fire can swiftly cause costly damage to the building or structure. It can even claim the lives of those who are trapped inside the affected building. A fire protection component that a property should possess […]

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Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Fire Protection Systems by Following AS 1851

10 May 2022

Building owners and managers must always make sure that their properties will be safe from any hazards. Some of the most common hazards that are associated with properties are earthquakes, strong winds, floods, toxic materials, and burglary strikes. One more hazard that building owners and managers should account for is fire. Fire is one of the property hazards that can be extremely devastating. Without any protection systems, it can quickly put the entire building into ashes, costing property owners expensive damages. A fire can likewise injure or even kill people, making it difficult for the property site to be utilised […]

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A List of Services You Can Expect from Hiring a Fire Safety Compliant Consultant

28 April 2022

A fire can spread right away. Without any intervening elements, it can reach numerous rooms and spaces in just a few seconds, damaging everything on its path. The quick escalation of fire in a property is only possible if it is not equipped with correct active and passive fire protection components. A property can also be at risk of heavy fire damage if its structural materials have not been fire-rated. Without the essential fire protection components and fire-rated materials, a property can be damaged fully. It can likewise cost lives. All these issues can be mitigated and avoided if a […]

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Everything You Must Know About Annual Fire Safety Statements

07 April 2022

A property fire can be devastating, especially if the building or structure involved does not possess fire protection measures and systems. Without preventing or mitigating the fire, it can quickly lead to structural damages to the property. It can likewise lead to injuries and deaths. The effects of property fire can be costly and heartbreaking. Hence, contractors must ensure that the buildings they create will be fitted with active and passive fire protection systems. Building owners, alternatively, have to ensure that their properties will be checked by an accredited practitioner for fire safety regularly. Doing this can confirm whether their […]

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5 Basic Criteria for Verifying the Condition of a Fire Door Assembly

25 March 2022

Residential, commercial, and industrial properties must be built properly so they can carry out their core functions. But aside from carrying out core functions, these properties must also be built to protect people from any danger. One prominent cause of property damages is fire. Without extinguishing it right away, it can quickly destroy all the things on its path. Fire can likewise cause injuries and even death. To avoid acquiring damages and causing injuries, properties should be engulfed with a passive fire protection system. One part of this system that must be present in the building is a fire door […]

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