Fire Door / Smoke Door Inspections in Strata Buildings: Why is this Necessary?

02 May 2019

Fire door/smoke door inspections are major necessities in strata buildings today. Especially since strata property is owned by multiple individuals or companies, more focused attention may be required by building management to ensure that all fire protection doors meet NSW fire safety requirements. With shared property ownership, there may also be delays in scheduling the necessary fire safety compliance inspections by qualified fire safety consultants. Delays may occur in gaining access to all the fire and smoke doors located in a strata building as well. The Strata Title system became effective in Australia in 1961 for better handling of the […]

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Important Qualifications That Your Fire Safety Consultant Should Possess

23 April 2019

When you have your commercial property assessed for fire prevention safety, you want to ensure that your fire safety consultant has all the important qualifications to perform a thorough and highly effective inspection. You need a consultant with expert training, professional experience, and knowledge of the fire safety regulations in your locality. This consultant must be well qualified to perform the necessary audit of your business premises and make correct recommendations for all necessary property repairs and installations to ensure excellent fire protection for your commercial property and all employees who work within the building as well as all valuable […]

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Essential Fire Safety Consultation Services: Reasons Why Every Strata Needs This

03 April 2019

Essential fire safety consultation services are a necessity for the safe operation of companies in all business strata today. With top-quality professional information, inspections, audits and maintenance advice from a professional fire safety practitioner, you can protect your company’s premises, employees, equipment and inventories from disastrous injury and damage from fire. As the owner or operator of a business, you know how difficult it can be to keep all areas and aspects of your company operating smoothly for high levels of production. Even if you have knowledge concerning current fire safety measures and regulations, ensuring that all safety regulations are […]

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Essential Services and Safety Measure Inspections That Your Business Establishment Needs

25 March 2019

All business owners in NSW must comply with government fire safety services regulations. This involves regular servicing, maintenance and certification of the essential services and safety measures of your company premises to ensure that your offices, showrooms or production areas are adequately protected. You must also have the required fire protective equipment properly installed and in good order for safe and effective operation. The major purpose of requiring adherence to these fire safety regulations by companies is to provide your business facilities and staff members with the best possible protection in case of a fire emergency. Essential Fire Prevention Services […]

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Laws Relating to Fire Safety in Australia: What are the Implications of Non-Compliance?

07 March 2019

In 2017, the government of New South Wales and other areas of Australia approved the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Fire Safety and Building Certification) Regulation 2017, which introduced reforms to previous fire safety rules. The amended regulations became effective on October 1, 2017, and implemented specific legal requirements that building owners and managers must comply with in order to ensure the safety of tenants and workers who inhabited their buildings. The Amended Regulation’s ‘Relevant Fire Safety System’ The 2017 Amended Regulation calls for new building plans and construction to include a ‘Relevant Fire Safety System’ to include such features […]

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