The Important Roles of a Fire Safety Consultant in New Construction Projects

08 March 2022

A fire can start instantly. And without any mitigating devices, it can continue to grow until it maximises all available fuel sources. But before it extinguishes on its own, it is expected to have already destroyed a property. It may have even caused injuries and taken lives in just a few minutes. Fires can be classified according to their sources. Fire can damage properties due to faulty electrical wirings or devices, inappropriate use or storage of oil and gas, and spontaneous heat. As fire rages on, it can easily generate toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and phosgene, […]

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How to Ensure that Your Fire Sprinklers are Working Properly

24 February 2022

For decades, fire incidents have caused many buildings to get damaged in some ways. When attended immediately, fire may only reach a small part of the building. Alternatively, unattended fire typically leads to the destruction of the building and injured occupants. Worse, it may lead to the death of several people. These effects are the primary reason why buildings should be equipped with high-quality active fire protection. Active fire protection is a type of fire protection that responds automatically or manually in extinguishing a fire and regulating smoke. One classic example of active fire protection is a fire sprinkler. The […]

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Three Telltale Signs that Your Fire Safety System Needs an Upgrade

10 February 2022

If you own residential or commercial property occupied by residents or companies and their employees, it is essential to have top-rated and currently updated fire safety equipment and protective devices. It is important to include easily accessible fire extinguishers in both home and business property for use by occupants if a fire should occur. Each extinguisher must be in good operating order and ready for use. All of the fire extinguishers in your property should be frequently and carefully inspected to ensure their readiness for use. Large, damaging fires spread from relatively small outbreaks of fire due to faulty electrical […]

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Ways to Upgrade Your Fire Safety Seal this 2022

27 January 2022

The modern-day requirements imposed by the Building Code of Australia in terms of fire safety, whilst stringent, are designed to safeguard the occupants of all buildings in the event of a fire. These days any approval application for construction work is likely to be reviewed by the Local Authority for compliance with fire safety criteria. Most buildings are planned under prescriptive building codes on the International Building Code (IBC). Alternate materials, plans, tests and techniques for development allow for performance-standard assessment for fire safety, as long it is approved by the regulatory board. How Does A Performance-Based Plan Work? In […]

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Safety Check for New Buildings: Why Fire Risk Assessment Must Be Prioritised?

06 January 2022

New South Wales Fire Safety Regulations require that business property owners have their company premises inspected, serviced, maintained and certified annually to ensure adequate fire safety protection and compliance. Commercial property owners are legally liable for ensuring fire safety compliance for their buildings, and non-compliance can result in financial penalties. All commercial buildings need to have updated, approved fire safety measures and equipment installed and in excellent working order to prevent serious injury to employees and property damage if a fire should occur. Your fire safety consultant and practitioner can perform a complete inspection and audit of your property and […]

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