Fire Extinguishers: A Basic Fire Safety and Compliance Requirement

08 April 2020

More often than not, people feel that fire safety and compliance begins and ends with provision of safety equipment within businesses and homes. However, knowing the best safety device also includes proper determination of fire fighting equipment. That it is also highly-significant to know what equipment is right for your business or home. One of the most basic fire safety and compliance requirements are fire extinguishers. Classes of Fires Class A Class A fires involve paper products, fabrics of textiles, wood-based products, plastics, and rubber-based products. The type of class A extinguishers that fall into this category are powder ABE, […]

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Fire Safety Protection and Compliance in Commercial Establishments for Occupants’ Peace of Mind

27 March 2020

All establishments, whether residential or commercial, must abide with all safety protocol to ensure the protection of its occupants. However, these safety protocols have certain specifications to better accommodate the needs of the establishment. This article will focus on the fire safety protection and compliance in commercial establishments for occupants’ peace of mind. Australian Standards 1851 Australian Standards 1851, shortly known as AS 1851 is a set of rules and regulations that ensure building owners are compliant in meeting the safety standards imposed on fire protection systems. These rules and regulations help to ensure all state and Occupational Health and […]

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Promoting Fire Safety in Heritage Buildings and Establishments

13 March 2020

Heritage building and establishments are a hodgepodge of old documents, precious artwork and impeccable craftsmanship. As observed, these premises boast of preserving the ambiance and appearance of the era it represents – resulting into a mesmerising atmosphere of history. The items found in these buildings and establishments are priceless yet they do not remain immune to the hazards of fire damages. Below are ways of promoting fire safety in heritage buildings and establishments. Incorporating Fire-Suppression Equipment In order to protect historic buildings, sometimes structural engineers, preservation specialists and the building managers must get involved in addition to the fire protection experts.  Together, […]

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Assessing Your Company’s Fire Safety Compliance: Questions Every Business Owner Should Answer

21 February 2020

Fire safety compliance is a necessary requirement for every residential and commercial property. This is to ensure that all residents and building occupants will be spared from any fire-related risks and damages. A fire can cause serious damage to your company’s facility and equipment, not to mention employees. Below are questions every business owner should answer in better assessing their company’s fire safety compliance.  You have to make sure you have these five ‘checks’ taken care of within the boundaries of your office and facilities. Are your fire hazard risks assessed properly? While some businesses have greater fire risks than […]

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The Importance of Hiring a Fire Safety Compliance Consultant for New Businesses

14 February 2020

Workplace safety is vital to the success of any business. When you implement safety standards and practices, you demonstrate social responsibility and you are making your business more successful. In order for most companies to remain competitive and stay in business, they must provide a safe work environment for all of their employees. There are instances where you might have the best safety and training program, however, human error is impossible to predict and control 100 percent. Therefore, in most cases, it is very cost effective to hire a safety consultant to take a fresh look at your company policies, […]

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