The Importance of Hiring a Fire Safety Compliance Consultant for New Businesses

14 February 2020

Workplace safety is vital to the success of any business. When you implement safety standards and practices, you demonstrate social responsibility and you are making your business more successful. In order for most companies to remain competitive and stay in business, they must provide a safe work environment for all of their employees. There are instances where you might have the best safety and training program, however, human error is impossible to predict and control 100 percent. Therefore, in most cases, it is very cost effective to hire a safety consultant to take a fresh look at your company policies, […]

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Fire Safety Assessment: Avoid Legal Liabilities and Financial Penalties Due to Non-Compliance

29 January 2020

Fire safety systems are implemented as required by state or territory regulatory requirements. In order to protect the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment, building and property owners must comply with fire safety systems. Aside from that, by doing so, they will be able to avoid legal liabilities and financial penalties due to non-compliance. Localised Fire Safety Systems In Australia, fire safety systems vary depending on their respective areas. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Emergency Services Agency is responsible for bushfire safety resources and advice. They also have fire safety policies for building owners, occupants and […]

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Possible Fire Hazards in the Healthcare Industry that Should not Be Ignored

13 January 2020

Fire safety is highly important in healthcare facilities due to the number of potentially vulnerable people that may be at risk on the premises, whether a hospital, care home or medical practice of any kind. With the likelihood of many patients struggling with mobility, evacuation procedures become more complex, and being able to understand what the common hazards might be in these environments becomes all the more important. Listed below are possible fire hazards in the healthcare industry that should not be ignored. Faulty Electrical Wiring One possible fire hazard in the healthcare industry that should not be ignored is […]

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Fire Safety Measures Assessment for Operational Compliance: What Do Business Owners Need to Understand?

13 December 2019

There are important aspects of fire safety measures assessment for operational compliance in New South Wales that all business owners need to understand. Whether you own the building in which your company operates or lease floor space in a commercial building to run your business, you must comply with all fire safety regulations as a business owner. You want to ensure that your entire staff and any business associates or other visitors to your company premises are well-protected if a fire should break out. Even small fires that are quickly contained and extinguished may cause injury or personal property damage […]

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Understanding Annual Fire Safety Statement for Building Owners

09 December 2019

All owners of commercial buildings and multi-purpose buildings in New South Wales are required by law to acquire and post in a prominent area of their building premises an Annual Fire Safety Statement. This statement must be completed by a fully qualified professional fire safety practitioner after a complete building inspection and audit of building services with reference to specific matters, which include the following: • Essential services/safety measure inspections • Auditing of maintenance records and procedures • Fire door/smoke door inspections • Fire seals and fire protective linings inspections • Fire safety evaluations • Fire safety upgrade requirements If you […]

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