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How We Help You with Fire Safety Protection and Compliance in NSW

Fire Safety Consultants in Sydney, NSW

At Key Compliance our principal aim is to assist you with all your Fire Safety Services Compliance in NSW. We have over 30 years of experience in the building industry and 20 years in fire protection. Our principal consultant, Dennis Lyons is a competent fire safety practitioner. Key Compliance is a corporate member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) and has over 30 years membership of in the Australian Institute of Building (AIB).

Regulations require your fire services to be serviced, maintained and certified regularly to ensure that you are adequately protected and up to date with fire safety compliance in NSW. Legal liability and financial penalties apply for non-compliance.In the case of an emergency, you need the correct equipment to be installed and maintained in good working order.

We offer a range of fire safety measures assessment for operational compliance for small and large businesses. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Fire detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Emergency lighting and exit signs
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Fire hose reels and fire extinguishers
  • Fire doors
  • Fire equipment maintenance audit
  • Ensuring firesafety compliance to NSW regulations
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS)- both interim and final
  • Fire Safety Certificates (FSC)

We cover a host of areas in NSW including Sydney Metropolitan Areas, the Central Coast and Wollongong. Our Fire Safety Protection procedures will see that occupants are well-defended in the case of fire and/or other emergency situations. We work to minimise risks, promote due diligence and provide management strategies assessment for your building.

In conjunction with your fire services maintenance contractor/s, Key Compliance will assess your level of fire protection to ensure adherence to fire safety compliance in NSW.


Customer Service and Care

At Key Compliance we are knowledgeable and professional. We provide extensive customer service at every level, from initial phone call through to inspection, reporting and contracting any required upgrade works. You will find your Key Compliance consultant to be reliable, friendly, and efficient. We will help you to schedule regular services with your fire services maintenance contractor/s so that your firesafety compliance in NSW is always up to date.

What do we do?

The services Key Compliance can provide can range from an initial inspection and advice, through to documentation of required upgrade works and project management of the fire service upgrade works. Upon completion, the necessary certificates of compliance are procured and submitted to the relevant authorities. Explore our wide range of fire safety compliance consultation services today when you call Key Compliance: the NSW specialists in fire safety solutions.  Key Compliance can also assist owners/managers when a Council imposed fire safety order is issued (refer more details under Services)


Protecting homes and businesses from inadequate fire safety

We’re the NSW safety consultants for every aspect of fire safety compliance, and our aim is to take the task of addressing and rectifying areas of inadequate fire safety off the owner/manager, to enable our clients to concentrate on his or her business operations and to offer peace of mind to achieve resolution of these important matters. Want to find out more about the specialist NSW safety consultants for fire safety compliance consultation? Phone Key Compliance today on 0417 459 246