Fire Safety Compliance in Work Places is Every Employer’s Duty and Responsibility

05 November 2019

If you own or operate a company that hires employees in New South Wales, it is your duty and responsibility to comply with all NSW fire safety provisions and regulations. Only by adhering to full compliance with these fire safety requirements can you provide adequate fire safety for your workers and company offices, showrooms, factory or other facilities. When your commercial building premises are equipped with top-quality fire safety equipment and measures for ensuring the safety of your employees, you can enjoy more peace of mind, knowing that you are doing all that you can to provide a safe operating […]

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Professional Fire Risk Assessment: Know the Hidden Fire Dangers in Your Premises

18 October 2019

If you own or operate a commercial or multi-purpose building in New South Wales today, it is essential to schedule regular fire risk assessment inspections by a qualified fire safety consultant. NSW fire safety regulations require that your building’s fire safety measures and equipment be inspected annually and repaired as needed. All fire prevention and detection methods and devices must also be maintained by trained professionals. This will keep your property current with NSW fire safety compliance requirements. Hidden Fire Dangers that a Fire Risk Assessment Can Detect in Commercial Buildings The following dangerous hidden conditions may cause the outbreak […]

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On Fire Safety: The Importance of Buying Smoke Alarms That Conform to Australian Standards

04 October 2019

While there are numerous brands of smoke detectors on the market today, not all conform to Australian Standards. It is important that you purchase only the ones that do comply with the regulations set forth in these standards or your structure will not be up to code for one thing. For another thing, only the smoke detectors or alarms that meet Australian Standards are reliable day after day in warning of fires. There is more on this topic in the following. Benefits of Purchasing Compliant Smoke Alarms 1. Brings Your Structure up to Code: This is important if you want […]

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Minor Changes and Upgrades for Fire Safety Compliance Sake Should not be Overlooked

18 September 2019

Even small-scale changes and upgrades in fire safety measures, methods and equipment require attention from property owners throughout New South Wales today. Current fire safety regulations require that every building’s fire prevention and safety systems be fully serviced and maintained on a regular schedule to ensure that they meet fire safety compliance regulations. If you own a commercial or dual-purpose building in NSW that houses companies performing active business, you must provide adequate protection for the owners, officers and employees of these companies as well as their furnishings, equipment and any product inventories. You are required to ensure that updated, […]

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Fire Risk Assessment in Plant Facilities: Identifying Fire Hazards Before They Could Even Occur

05 September 2019

Although even the best prepared manufacturing plants today cannot be guaranteed as fireproof, there are important methods for providing strong fire safety protection in your factory in New South Wales. By consulting a professional fire safety consultant and practitioner, you can obtain information about major fire prevention equipment, measures and procedures for commercial plant facilities. Basic steps like ensuring that your factory building’s fire alarms, fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hoses and reels are all in good working order are essential. Emergency lighting over exits and in busy areas of plants must also be operating well at all times. In […]

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