Completing Your Annual Fire Safety Statement: Tips for Sydney Building Owners

20 March 2024 annual fire safety statement

Ensure safety with your Annual Fire Safety Statement. With Key Compliance, discover essential tips Sydney building owners can do to comply with key standards.

Building owners in Syndey are required to prominently display the Annual Fire Safety Statement in their respective buildings. It must also be issued to the local council and other relevant bodies each year. This statement is required for buildings as it serves as a declaration of compliance with fire safety standards and regulations, ensuring the safety of occupants and property.

To help navigate this process effectively, here are some essential tips you can do to complete your Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Understand Regulatory Requirements

Before starting the process, you must first understand the regulatory requirements governing fire safety in buildings. Familiarise yourself with relevant legislation, such as the Building Code of Australia, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation, National Construction Code/Building Code of Australia, and various Australian Standards to ensure compliance with all applicable standards and obligations.

Review Fire Safety Measures

You must then conduct a thorough review of fire safety measures installed in your building, including fire detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, exit signs, and evacuation procedures. Ensure all these systems are properly maintained, tested, and certified by licensed professionals in accordance with regulatory standards.

Engage Qualified Professionals

To conduct inspections, tests, and assessments of fire safety systems and equipment properly, you must engage qualified fire safety professionals. Key Compliance is comprised of certified fire safety practitioners who are authorised to assess and endorse the annual fire safety statement, assuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Maintain Documentation

With Key Compliance’s help, you must maintain comprehensive documentation of all fire safety measures, inspections, tests, and maintenance activities conducted throughout the year. You should keep records of equipment servicing, testing results, compliance certificates, and any corrective actions taken to address identified deficiencies.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Scheduling regular inspections of fire safety systems and equipment must also be done to ensure their ongoing functionality and compliance. You must conduct visual inspections, functional tests, and performance assessments as per regulatory requirements and manufacturer recommendations. You can also ask for Key Compliance’s help to ensure these inspections will be done correctly.

Complete the Statement

You must then complete the Annual Fire Safety Statement accurately and honestly, providing all required information and declarations as stipulated by regulatory authorities. Ensure that the statement is signed and endorsed by authorised personnel before submitting it to the relevant authorities within the specified timeframe. If you are unsure about any aspect of completing your annual fire safety statement, do not hesitate to seek Key Compliance’s assistance. We can provide guidance, advice, and support to ensure your building meets all legal requirements and maintains safety at all times.

Maintain Compliance

Maintaining compliance with fire safety regulations is an ongoing responsibility for building owners. Hence, you must implement a proactive approach to fire safety management, including regular inspections, staff training, emergency drills, and improvement initiatives to enhance safety.

Understanding regulatory requirements, maintaining fire safety measures, engaging qualified professionals, and adhering to best practices can make your Sydney property compliant with regulations, protect occupants and property, and contribute to a safer built environment for all.