Professional Fire Risk Assessment: Know the Hidden Fire Dangers in Your Premises

18 October 2019

If you own or operate a commercial or multi-purpose building in New South Wales today, it is essential to schedule regular fire risk assessment inspections by a qualified fire safety consultant. NSW fire safety regulations require that your building’s fire safety measures and equipment be inspected annually and repaired as needed. All fire prevention and detection methods and devices must also be maintained by trained professionals. This will keep your property current with NSW fire safety compliance requirements.

Hidden Fire Dangers that a Fire Risk Assessment Can Detect in Commercial Buildings

The following dangerous hidden conditions may cause the outbreak of fire in your commercial building’s premises, and they can be detected by a thorough fire risk assessment:

• Faulty Fire Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems. If the batteries or electrical wiring for your building’s fire detectors and fire alarm systems are weak, worn out or faulty, your building is at high risk if a fire should occur. You as the building owner or operator are responsible for the company staff members and any office or factory equipment belonging to businesses that lease space on the premises. To make your commercial building fire safety compliant, these devices and their power sources must be repaired or replaced.

• Malfunctioning Fire Extinguishers and Fire Sprinklers. This fire safety equipment must be fully operating to comply with NSW fire safety regulations. Working fire extinguishers in all major areas of your building are crucial for eliminating small fires that are detected by company employees or building maintenance staff. Fire sprinkler systems throughout the premises are essential for putting out flames if a larger fire should occur.

• Burned-Out Emergency Lighting and Unlit Exit Signs. If your building’s emergency lighting system is partially or completely burned out, this will cause serious difficulty and possibly injuries to company employees attempting to exit the building if a fire should occur. If the fire door exit signs are unlit and a fire should occur, these fire doors may not be visible to anyone attempting to exit for safety. This essential fire safety equipment must be repaired in order for your property to comply with NSW fire safety regulations.

• Cracks between Fire Doors and Frames. If there are cracks between your building’s fire doors and door frames, this can be dangerous if a fire should start. Air drafts through these cracks can fuel beginning flames and smoke, quickly turning a small fire into a much larger, menacing one. With air-tight frames around the fire doors, this problem can be corrected to help make your building fire-safety compliant.

When you contact the experts at Key Compliance located in Kogarah, NSW, you will receive top-quality advice concerning fire risk assessment and management for your commercial building. Principal consultant and fire safety practitioner, Dennis Lyons, and his experienced staff will schedule a fire safety inspection and audit of your property to evaluate its current status for meeting all NSW fire safety requirements.

If any repairs or replacements are needed for your fire safety equipment, our fine team at Key Compliance will recommend expert repair and maintenance companies to handle these improvements. Key Compliance will ensure that your commercial property is completely compliant with all NSW fire safety regulations.