Think in Advance and Know the Most Common Fire Incidents in Commercial Spaces

26 March 2021

Thinking in advance and being knowledgeable on the most common fire incidents in your commercial space is the best move to avoid the danger such tragedy might cause. Prevention is often better than cure, so they say, and it won’t be too popular if it weren’t true. Here is how you can think in advance and help prevent the most common fire incident in a commercial space.

Always Secure the Necessary Fire Prevention Equipment

Your professional fire safety consultant and practitioner will help you to think in advance in avoiding any fire incidents in your commercial building by working with you to ensure that all of the following fire safety compliance measures are in use and approved for your property. You should have the necessary equipment such as working fire detectors, working fire extinguishers, working fire alarm systems, fully-operating emergency lighting and exit signs, working fire sprinklers, fully-operating fire hose reels, and secured fire doors.

Consult Fire Safety Consultants

In order to think ahead in terms of fire safety in New South Wales today and prevent fire-related incidents in your commercial building, you need the advice and services of a superior quality NSW Fire Safety Compliance consultant and practitioner service. When you engage the services of respected professional fire safety experts, you will receive valuable fire safety compliance advice and information.

Your fire safety practitioner will schedule an inspection and audit of your commercial premises to determine any deficiencies in your fire prevention equipment, methods and procedures. Your fire safety professional will then issue a full written report for you to read, detailing any and all necessary repairs, installations or changes to your building’s current fire prevention equipment and measures.

Following the examination and assessment of your commercial property’s fire safety compliance, your fire safety expert will assist you with contacting top-rated repair and installation companies for any fire prevention device repairs or installations that need to be made. Your consultant will also help you find services to perform any needed changes to your building’s structure, entrances and exits, doors, flooring and stairwells in order for your property to comply fully with all NSW Fire Safety Regulations.

Comply and Attain Fire Safety Statements

When your property attains full compliance with all fire safety requirements, you will be issued an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) and a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC). Copies of both of these documents must be displayed in a prominent public area of your building and updated each year.

When you engage the professional services of principal fire safety compliance consultant and practitioner, Dennis Lyons, and his expert staff at Key Compliance located in Kogarah, NSW, you will receive top quality advice, information, building inspections, audits, reports and all necessary assistance for ensuring that your commercial property fully complies with all NSW Fire Safety Regulations.

Our exceptionally fine company now offering top-rated fire safety compliance advice and services will work closely with you until your commercial building meets top standards for excellent fire safety compliance for the full protection or your property, all employees and other business inhabitants.