BLOG 2018

5 Tips to Reduce the Risks of Fire in the Workplace

December 3, 2018

Fire in the workplace can have a catastrophic effect on safety, your business, and its assets. Having preventative procedures in place will minimise the risks of fire in the workplace. Here are 5 tips to reduce risks

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Important Fire Safety Regulations for Buildings in NSW

November 12, 2018

Buildings in NSW are requiredby law to abide by the NSW Planning and Assessment Regulations Act 2000regarding fire safety. Non-compliance can result in legal consequences and substantial fines...

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Legal Duties and Responsibilities Around Fire Safety

October 15, 2018

Fire safety is important for the health and safety of occupants, as well as to protect the assets of businesses.All business in Australia have a legal responsibility to provide suitable fire safety procedures and equipment. Sydney and other New South Wales areas must adhere to the following regulations...

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